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Aine O'Neill

BSc. MISCP Chartered Physiotherapist

Aine O’Neill graduated from Trinity college with an honours degree in physiotherapy in 1995.

I worked in the Adelaide and Roscommon hospitals in the orthopaedic department, before joining the team in the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Rochestown Avenue.

On completing the American board exams, I moved to Indiana in 1996, where I worked in a Sports Injury and Vestibular Clinic. I trained extensively with a top vestibular therapist for over a year, becoming a competent vestibular therapist.

I moved to Colorado where I was responsible for setting up and running a vestibular clinic, along with working with sport and work related injuries. On returning home late 1998, I worked in private practice specialising in musculoskeletal, sports and work related injuries.

I broke my leg in 1999, which meant a few months off work and becoming my own private therapist. During that time I learnt a lot about being a patient, having pain, not being independent, and experienced the joys and tribulations of rehab! On returning to work I had a deeper understanding and empathy with my patients which changed my methods of practice significantly.

I joined the Sheehan Medical practice in 2000, where I worked very closely with the GPs getting a better feel and understanding of local practise. I opened Sandycove Physiotherapy Clinic in 2005, with the idea to promote and establish my vestibular practice. While still liking and practicing musculoskeletal & sports physiotherapy, I began working a lot with several consultants specializing in the field of vestibular rehabilitation.

Continuing my education in Vestibular Rehabilitation, I also trained in Dry Needling & Trigger Point Release Therapy, Orthotic Prescription & Myofascial Release. In the meantime suffering a neck injury, my love and empathy for treating neck and head pain has grown. I love working with people, helping them recover from an injury or deal with a disability, gaining ones full potential.