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Anna Jablonska

MSc.BSc.MISCP Chartered Physiotherapist

I graduated from University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw, Poland in 2005 with a Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy. Since graduating I have gained extensive experience working in both the public and private health sectors in Dublin.

While working in the private clinics I have developed my special interest in management of patient with Musculoskeletal, Sport, Work Related Injuries as well Road Traffic Injuries (Whiplash Associated Disorders). My main forms of therapeutic interventions includes detailed work on dysfunctional musculoskeletal soft tissue conditions, using modern, painless and noninvasive techniques.

To maintain and improve professional competence as well to keep abreast of new methods of treatments I constantly upgrade my qualifications by attending postgraduate courses.

Currently I am qualified in:
Modern Techniques in diagnosis and treatment of Soft Tissue Dysfunction – Muscle Energy Techniques, Active Release Techniques, Mc Kenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy ( Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar Spine), Kinesiotaping Fundamental and Advanced techniques, Brian Mulligan Concepts – Mobilisation with Movements.

I have a particular interest in biomechanics of the body and its movements patterns which stands as the foundation for my treatment approach and techniques selection. I treat every patient individually with an emphasis on treating the cause of pain, not just the symptoms.

I am keen general sport enthusiast, and have a passion for my work and travelling.

I am registered as a Chartered Physiotherapist in Irish Society Of Chartered Physiotherapist in Ireland since 2008.