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Dear Ladies,

Are you like ourselves, working hard, trying to play hard, taking care of others before ourselves, always running and not sure where to! When was the last time you listened to your body, looked at your face and truly asked what are you telling me? What can I learn from you ? and did something about it.

Deirdre & I both professional women with full time jobs as therapists see people on a daily basis, that not only don’t listen to their bodies and answer them, but they don’t know how to listen, what to look for and more importantly they don’t know what to do about it all.

How do I stop this cycle of madness, if I do find the time I’m not sure what to do with it and how to truly pamper and indulge myself (no a glass of wine, a cream cake and a new handbag is not the indulgence we are talking about)

We are talking about real proper good indulgence, giving your body the food and nourishment it craves, releasing our emotions correctly, getting the most from our food and body and looking great along with it.

We have designed a workshop/retreat  where you will learn :

  • To exercise and tone those body parts that need more attention and win against gravity!
  • Meditation techniques to effectively release and consciously express repressed emotions.
  • Promote inner balance and stillness, allowing a natural flow of energy in the body and becoming more peaceful and relaxed in ones everyday life.
  • To read your face, learn the links between our organs and the lines on our face, the links between our emotional states and our organs.
  • How to assess what our bodies and faces are trying to tell us
  • The basics of Chinese nutrition
  • The foods and lifestyle factors that keep us in balance, body and mind
  • This retreat focuses on understanding how acknowledging our emotions and expressing them has a huge positive impact on our health.
  • Did you know that: held in emotion can result in liver stagnation and can cause acid reflux and abdominal distension, that overwork can drain the kidney energy and can leave us with flushed cheeks, night sweats and lower back pain, that too much worry weakens the spleen and can lead to blood sugar imbalance, bloating and weight gain.


  • This seminar also looks at the healing power of foods for different emotional states, if, for example, the kidney energy is low we need an abundance of mineral rich foods like seaweeds or if we have repressed emotion and the liver energy is stagnant we need lots of bitter foods such as chicory and endive. This seminar also teaches us how to read the face to identify our imbalances and teaches us how to correct them.

So ladies we welcome you to come join us on our journey, to get that sparkle back in our eyes, that spring in our step and let gravity and aging behind !!

Take a break from normal life & enjoy Moroccan sun & be pampered fro a few days @ Casa Linda

Please call the clinic @ 01-2140575 or email to book your place.

Deirdre Courtney is a qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner in Acupuncture Treatment, Herbal Medicine, Chinese Nutrition and Tuina. She has been practicing in the USA and Ireland for nearly 23 years and lectures at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Deirdre was also a chef specilaizing in health food as part of her practise as well as teaching cooking classes.

Aine O’Neill is a Chartered Physiotherapist practicing in private practise for 21 years in musculo-skelethal therapy pain relief, injury recovery & prevention, exercise prescription & wellbeing. Aine focuses on getting the most from our bodies & maintaining good health & fitness through structured exercise, meditation, good food & relaxation.