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Muscle Energy Techniques.

Muscle Energy Techniques

What are Muscle Energy Technique’s (MET)?
Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) is an Osteopathic manual therapy technique developed in the USA by Dr. Fred Mitchell, DO. Techniques are directed at improving musculoskeletal joint function, relieving muscular spasm and associated pain. MET actively help to release and relax muscles and also stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms. MET are very effective, painless and non – invasive type of treatment. They are an active technique used to treat and manage many conditions and in a wide range of patients.

How do they work?
MET are unique in their application as the client provides initial effort while the practitioner facilitates the process. The primary force originates from contraction of soft tissue; this force is then utilised to assist and correct the presenting musculoskeletal dysfunction. MET are generally classified as direct techniques because the muscular effort is created from a controlled position and aimed in a specific direction against the distant counterforce (usually the practitioner). One of the main uses of these methods is to effectively normalise postural dysfunction.

What are the goals of MET?
1. MET are designed to lengthen shortened muscles that are in spasm/ not functioning correctly.
2. In reducing pain MET decrease muscle inhibition making an immediate impact on function without strengthening them.
3. MET reduces localised oedema by increasing circulation.
4. MET assists in mobilising an articulation with restricted mobility, reprogramming joint movements.

What are the Indications for treatment?
Based on clinical studies MET is indicated as a form of therapeutic intervention in conditions where there is evidence of musculoskeletal soft tissue or joint restriction that manifest with reduced range of motion and /or pain. MET can be used in acute and chronic conditions and is also suitable for combining with other manual therapy modalities.

What to expect after the treatment?
Results are commonly rapid, demonstrated by reduced discomfort and increased mobility. Benefits are likely to soon become apparent to both patient and therapist. The contraction of muscles during the MET technique applications produces metabolic processes to occur and the patient may experience soreness within 12-36 hours after treatments.