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Patient Testimonials

Noreen - Parkinson's

“Two years ago I developed a tremor in my arm.  It was the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease.  In those early months I had severe pain across my shoulders and down my arm.  I also had headaches. I knew Aine from an earlier time when I had a very bad bout of vertigo.  My doctor had recommended her to cure the vertigo.  This vertigo had been very successfully treated with physiotherapy and I have had no vertigo since.

I decided to consult Aine about the Parkinson’s Disease. She explained that she couldn’t stop the tremor but that she could do much to relieve the pain. So during the last 18 months I have been having physiotherapy treatment every 4 to 6 weeks.  I have no pain for the last year and the regular treatment relaxes all my tense muscles and I have had no headaches since.  My tremor is still there of course, but I am able to do everything as before and Aine’s physiotherapy is maintaining my abilities and has eliminated pain.

If any of my family or friends developed Parkinson’s Disease, I would encourage them to go to see Aine and have a chat with her about maintain their abilities by having regular physiotherapy treatment.”

John - Balance

“I started attending Aine after several operations at Beaumont in 2004 and 2005.   Aine was recommended to me and it turned out to be a very good recommendation.  Aine and her colleague’s care and attention to detail over a long period got me well back on my feet.

When I first started attending Sandycove Physiotherapy I could hardly walk and my balance was non-existent but in good time I was back to my normal active self.

I couldn’t speak highly enough about Aine and her team. Memories of those first visits were of maybe 5 minutes treatment & then resting for over an hour! I really was that bad!

I have recommended several friends experiencing back or shoulder pain or problems with balance and I always get back a big thank-you for the recommendation.

When I finished my treatment I took up Yoga with Liz and still continue to this day with regular exercises.”


Female Acupuncture Patient, age 35

When I saw Marianne I was 4 months pregnant and had been sick for every single day of it. I was drained physically and emotionally. However after only one session of acupuncture I could actually eat a dinner the next day, I couldn’t believe it. Finally I was in control of my life again. Marianne is a lovely therapist; she is caring, kind and professional, perfect for working with pregnant women.


Alison - Vertigo

“One morning I discovered that I had extreme dizziness and nausea. I did not know what caused it and it had never happened to me before and the symptoms would not diminish. The dizziness/vertigo was particularly bad when I turned from side to side in bed.

I went to my GP and she referred me to the Sandycove clinic.

I was seen by Cathy Prenderville. She was thoroughly professional and explained a number of test manoeuvres she would perform to establish a diagnosis. She explained that when I turned my head and felt extreme dizziness she was able to see this by the rapid movement of my eyes. She was thus able to confirm that I had a condition known as BPPV. She provided me with a printed document which explained the condition very clearly. I was so relieved to know that there was a cause for the discomfort I had been feeling.

She explained that the the crystals in my inner ear had become dislodged and needed to be “re-settled” back into the correct position. She proceeded to carefully guide me through various positionings of the head and upper body (the Epley Manoeuvre). I did feel very nauseous at one point but Ms Prenderville had warned me that this was an unfortunate side effect of the treatment. The total session was completed in under an hour. I was given time to recover from the nausea and was well enough to drive myself home.

That evening I was aware that I no longer felt nauseous and I no longer suffered from dizziness when turning my head on the pillow. I was absolutely delighted!

I returned to the clinic on Thursday 21st February to check if the treatment had worked. Ms Prenderville assessed me again and was able to ascertain that I did not have the rapid eye movements associated with the previous dizziness. I felt totally well again.”

Alison – Dublin

Anonymous-Foot Pain

I became a patient of Judith’s at Sandycove Physiotherapy a year ago. At that time I had a number of issues with foot & leg pain that had been bothering me for a while. I found the facilities at Sandycove to be very comfortable as they don’t portray the intimidating clinical atmosphere one would expect to find in a physio clinic.

Judith correctly diagnosed a number of minor, but uncomfortable conditions. She correctly diagnosed what was wrong & solved all problems in a very professional & timely manner.

I would definitely recommend Judith & Sandycove Physiotherapy to anybody looking for physiotherapy treatment in a comfortable professional environment.

Female Acupuncture/Fertility Patient, age 35

IVF is an emotionally and physically trying time and visits to Marianne offered a peaceful refuge through the process. More than simply acupuncture, she offered support, positivity and a kind ear.  Visiting Marianne was a very positive part of a difficult process. I believe that acupuncture played a role in our success.


Mary - Back Pain

“I’ve been going to Aine on and off for years. It’s great to know when my back or any body part acts up that I have someone to call and know that she will have me better in a few sessions. Even though I’m in pain going to clinic, it is always a very pleasant experience. All the staff are extremely friendly, jolly & professional. The clinic has a wonderful vibe of calm & is beautifully decorated. I always come away feeling better, both physically & mentally.

Thank you Aine & all the clinic for your much needed help over the years”

Mary – Dublin

Marian - Vertigo

“I first contracted labyrinthitis in November 2010 a completely debilitating virus of the inner ear. I was told by doctors it would go within two weeks but this was not the case for me. For months I was extremely dizzy, fatigued and had very low stamina for anything. I literally couldn’t do the simplest of things. I went to see numerous doctors but none of them could help me. I was out of work, could barely get out of bed and at this point thought my life was over and I was never going to get better. I had heard of vestibular rehabilitation whilst I was sick but assumed because the doctors never mentioned it, that wasn’t for wrong I was!

I discovered Cathy in Sandycove Physiotherapy through a fellow sufferer. After my initial visit I actually cried with relief. Cathy was able to explain to me exactly what was wrong with me, why I was having all these horrible symptoms and most importantly that there was an end in sight. She gave me gentle vestibular exercises to do at home and assured me I would get better. On each consultation Cathy was a wealth of information and was always so reassuring that I would get better. I was back in work within three months and living a normal life again. I have had a few set backs but each time I visit Cathy she is always so patient and reassuring and each time I always get better.

I cannot recommend vestibular rehabilitation therapy enough to anyone suffering with vertigo. You are in the best of care in the Sandycove Physiotherapy Clinic.”

Marian- Dublin

Michael - Pilates Attendee

“When Cathy Prenderville introduced Pilates Classes into the range of services provided by Sandycove Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic that initiative came at a great time for me.

I have been a back sufferer for some years and eventually had to have major surgery on my spine.  I was getting physiotherapy treatment but I needed something more to help me get some strength back in my lower back.  That something was Pilates.

The Pilates classes run by Cathy are really excellent.  They are geared towards helping people like me recover from surgery or injury and are designed to ensure that damaged muscles and/or joints are rehabilitated safely under the professional guidance and watchful eyes of Cathy.

The Pilates classes can be demanding, but are enjoyable with exercises modified to cater for an individual’s needs and abilities. There is no doubt, in my opinion, that Pilates can be of benefit to people of all ages who need help in getting on their feet again and re-discovering a quality of life that might otherwise elude them.”


Ruth - Knee Pain

Last October I suffered an knee injury by over-doing it at the gym (not to be recommended at age 68 !!). When it showed no sign of clearing up, I eventually went to the physiotherapy clinic in Sandycove in November, where I was treated by Judith who diagnosed a damaged/torn cartilage. She assured me that these injuries generally resolve with conservative treatment, but that if this did not happen that she would refer me on to an orthopaedic consultant.

I appreciated her optimistic but confident and straightforward approach. From the beginning she offered great encouragement and exercised considerable patience when I often overdid things, which of course hindered rather than hastened my recovery. I was impressed by her thoroughness and attention during treatment sessions and indeed her follow-up phone-calls to check how things were progressing. I received excellent care and appointments were easily arranged to fit my schedule. I would have no hesitation in recommending Judith to anyone in need of physiotherapy.

Ruth – Dublin

Mary - Knee Pain

I have been attending Sandycove Physiotherapy Clinic for the past seven months. They saved my life!! Not only has Judith looked after me very well, but I also find it a great psychological support. She is not only a physiotherapist but also a good friend and will listen to any troubles you have. I can not recommend  the place enough for a speedy recovery.

Mary – Dublin

Balance Class Testimonials


“I have a neurological condition which affects my balance and mobility.  I look forward to attending the weekly vestibular class.  The classes are never boring as Aine and Cathy provide many and varied exercises.  Exercise is enjoyable when you are in the company of others as you receive encouragement and motivation from each other.  There is also a very caring ethos and environment in the Sandycove Physiotherapy Clinic.”



“Wedneday’s balance classes are good for the body(strengthen muscles )Soul (taking control of the situation )Mind (exercise produces a natural high) complimented by the tea coffee and biscuits  as the reward afterwards and all in a lovely safe friendly environment and plenty of encouragement from Cathy and Aine qualified physiotherapists. The balance class is like a patient group for balance challenged people so naturally if you fit the bill you should attend  from a suspected(still in denial) case of hereditary  spastic paraplegia.”



“After six months’ recovery from surgery for removal of an acoustic neuroma, I found the wonderful Balance Clinic in Sandycove Physiotherapy and have not looked back since.

My first visit was nearly my last.  I felt that the simplest exercises were beyond me, but with the patience and skill of Aine, and the support of the others in the group I plucked up courage to go back. In no time, I was able to dispense with my walking stick and soon after was driving again.

The progress is almost imperceptible from week to week, but when I look back I realise my progress has been phenomenal.

I am really grateful to Aine and to the wonderful group she presides over for giving me my life back.”



“I have been attending the balance class for over three years to help improve my balance which is poor as a result of MS (Multiple Sclerosis).  The exercises help to strengthen my core muscles and neurological control systems which are deteriorating due to my illness and to age.  Though recommended by my neurologist, I was initially a bit sceptical of the benefit of these exercises but I gradually began to enjoy them and I now look forward to joining the class each Wednesday.  While the exercises provide a very good work-out, they are never too stressful and are therefore enjoyable.  Even more enjoyable is the cuppa and chat afterwards!”



“I do like Wednesdays! Tough, but it can be very entertaining.  Very enjoyable.”



“There are the words/phrases that I would use to describe classes at the Sandycove Physiotherapy Clinic;

–          Convivial

–          Beneficial

–          Tailored to individual needs

–          Stimulating

–          Small classes – individual attention

–          Lovely surroundings

–          Highly qualified staff

–          Exercises tailored to daily life activities

–          Easy to do at home

–          Exercises devised to make daily chores easier

–          Noticeable improvement in balance and movement”



“I was referred to Sandycove physiotherapy by my GP when I was suffering frequent attacks of vertigo.  At first I did not believe that physio and physical techniques could fix something that was wrong in my head.  I started with one to one sessions with Aine O’Neill and then I joined the class where, along with other people who had various problems, I was introduced to a range of exercises to help my balance and strengthen my muscles.

That was over two years ago. The classes have helped me enormously and my quality of life is quite different now.

The classes are enjoyed by everyone no matter which member of the team takes them. All the physio team are very encouraging to us and they do their work with such good humor.  There is also the social aspect of the class, which is a lovely bonus.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sandycove Physiotherapy to anyone.”


Tom Galvin - Marathon Runner

“As my long runs increased in training for the Chicago Marathon my Achilles started to cause serious pain. Recovery after runs was taking longer as I had to ice and rest the Achilles due to stiffness and pain.

I went to Aine 5 days before the race and she dry needled both legs. I ran the race in a PB and never felt a thing either during or after the race. Could not believe the treatment had completely cured the pain and stiffness.

Its 5 months on now an still no pain whatsoever”

Tom, 43 yr old recreational runner

Karine Bennett - Vertigo

When I first came to see Aine,I had spent over a year visiting 12 different consultants and countless visits to my GP ,suffering from the most terrible dizziness. Life as I knew it, seemed over and I felt totally devastated that no doctor seemed to understand my predicament and nor could they help. I have two young children and I was no longer able to drive or perform even the most simplest of tasks that most people take for granted. I truly felt there was no light at the end of the tunnel , particularly when I saw consultant after consultant and each one could find nothing wrong. I had also tried every conceivable alternative treatment and got to the point where I did not want  to see another doctor.
Luckily though, I did persevere and eventually came upon a consultant who understands dizziness and the inner ear. After some tests he referred me for  vestibular therapy to Aine. The moment I met Aine ,I knew I was in good hands. Her rooms are a haven of tranquillity and when I explained to her what the last 12 months had been like, she understood straight away. When I told her that I was unable to go to a shopping centre or supermarket ,I didn’t even have to explain further, as she knew that was a common problem for dizzy people. When I told some of the consultants I had seen, that I could not go to a supermarket ,I think they thought I was crazy!

Within 4 weeks of starting vestibular therapy I felt so much better. I went  on holidays with my husband and children and I had really thought I would never enter a busy airport again. I am even back to driving ,going to the cinema and have even joined a bookclub. Considering I could not look at a book for a year that is a major achievement for me

I did have a small setback a few months ago, and contacted Aine straight away. With her help I got over it much faster than before and instead of months of suffering ,I was back on the road to recovery within weeks. It gives me great peace of mind knowing that there is somebody out there who can help! Dizziness may not be a life threatening illness but it most certainly can be a life destroying one.

If you are reading this – consider yourself very lucky. You have found Aine and I urge you to visit her – you will be very glad you did!
Karine Bennett,Galway



The body wants to repair itself; that’s what it was designed to do.  Physiotherapy treatment merely aims to provide an optimum environment for it to achieve this goal.

Just as every human body is different, so is the treatment plan.  But if there is one thing we all have in common, it is our bodies’ innate ability of self-healing.  With the appropriate support and intervention to the specific cause of dysfunction unique to the individual, the potential of recovery and function is almost unlimited.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is an invasive procedure whereby a solid filament needle is inserted into the skin and muscle directly at a myofascial trigger point.

 Myofascial trigger points may consist of multiple contraction knots which are thought to be due to an excessive release of acetylcholine from select end plates.

Radial Shockwave Therapy

Sandycove Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic would like to introduce our latest device in accelerating patient care and recovery, through radial shockwave therapy.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) has been demonstrated to be a highly effective treatment modality for most individuals with vestibular or central balance system disorders. VRT is a specific form of physio designed to improve balance, minimize falls and decrease dizziness by restoring vestibular function and promoting mechanisms of central adaptation and compensation.

Neurological Rehabilitation

If you have been recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s, MS, Ataxia, Cerebral degeneration, or poor balance, we can help.


At Sandycove Physiotherapy Clinic, we offer specialist paediatric physiotherapy treatment for conditions such as Torticollis, Plagiocephally, Talipes, and for babies suffering with Mildly Delayed Motor Development.


Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing and improve energy circulation.

Exercise Classes

Here at Sandycove Physiotherapy Clinic we offer a range of classes to suit your needs. These include:

Psychotherapy and Counselling

Margaret Dunne  B.A., H. Dip., Dip. Counselling, M.I.A.C.P., M.I.F.C.A., M.C.O.S.R.T.